Terra 51 Electric Vehicle EV Rapid Charging Station

by Editor on February 1, 2012

The changeover to electric vehicles is long overdue, especially with the inevitable upward trend in petrol and diesel prices. Electric cars and vans will soon be commonplace and many manufactures are due to roll out their electric vehicle offerings this year. Let’s hope that the installation and maintenance of Electric Vehicle or EV charging stations will soon be a source of work for UK electricians.

UK’s First Private Electric Vehicle 30 Minute Charging Station



Transport Minister Norman Baker opened electric vehicle rapid charger at Midlands-based printing company, RCS.

Power and automation technology group, ABB, has delivered the UK’s first privately-owned direct current rapid-charging station for electric vehicles. The charger was installed in Retford, Nottinghamshire, and was opened by Transport Minister, Norman Baker; underlining the UK government’s commitment to promoting ultra-low carbon transport.

The Terra 51 charger was installed at the offices of printing company RCS PLC in Retford, just a few miles from the A1 that connects London and Edinburgh.

The printing company aims to become the greenest producer in its industry and bought the charger with financial support from the Midlands Plugged-in Places (PiP) project; part of the UK government’s wider programme to develop EV charging infrastructures across the UK. The rapid-charge station is being used by RCS to recharge its fleet of electric sales and delivery vehicles, but will also be part of the Plugged-in Midlands public charging network.

“The adoption of electric mobility is a reality. All major car brands have either already introduced their electric car models or are planning a launch within the next one to two years. In the meantime, the rollout of charging infrastructure is accelerating across Europe. Fleet owners, utilities, service operators and car-OEMs are convinced of the need for DC rapid charging. The possibility to quickly recharge will help potential buyers overcome the hurdle of range anxiety. That’s why the UK needs DC charging – in addition to the existing AC infrastructure – to further drive electric mobility,” said Hans Streng, Senior Vice President and General
Manager of ABB’s Product Group EV Charging Infrastructure.

Rapid charging reduces electric-vehicle charging times from eight hours, using regular alternating current (AC), to as little as 15 to 30 minutes, which allows drivers to quickly recharge and keep driving. This will help alleviate concerns about the limited range of electric vehicles, thus providing a powerful incentive for potential buyers of electric cars. The roll out of a nationwide recharging infrastructure plays an integral part in the UK government’s drive to promote electric-mobility and reduce carbon emissions from road transport.

“We know there is public appetite out there for electric vehicles and we’re doing everything possible to make them a real option for motorists and industry” Read more…

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