Train4TradeSkills Radio- Electrical Tutor Interview

by Editor on February 6, 2012

An interview with an Electrical Tutor

Wayne Thomson is an electrical tutor at Train4TradeSkills fulfilment centre inWorcestershire. Train4TradeSkills Radio spoke to Wayne to find out what students make of his training and how they are going to use it to develop their careers.



What brought you to be a tutor at ATL’s centre in Worcester?

I’m electrically mechanically trained. I did an electrical mechanical engineering apprenticeship backin the old days. I never intended to teach but some changes happened in my life. I did a variety of different jobs, from electrical installations to maintenance management production. I kept mytechnical electrical as a base when in February 2003; I was on a training course with a local training provider. A family event, I got custody of my son from my first marriage, so my 7 days a week has disappeared. Luckily enough within four weeks the training provider, where I had been doing the course, had a job vacancy for a training officer and I just fell into it.
Have you ever looked back since?
I still kept my hand in doing some electrical work. I still had my own electrical installation business, so I have always kept to the sharp end because from a teaching perspective it’s always better to tell students what would happen if they were doing things differently.
What happens when students first come to the training centre after they have done their readingat home?
Well, obviously, first thing is they come and congregate in our meeting area. A little bit of informalityto start with. We introduce health and safety rules. I explain to them what the benefits of being aqualified person are. Also, I brief the students on what they can expect to get from the course whilstthey are with us. Explaining realistically what they could expect in the short term, but also which area they could specialise in and what they could achieve in the long run.
What kind of people come in centre to do the training?
It varies. We look at what you have got and how we can build on your existing skills, people would normally already have some practical experience. The laws of physics never change and Matt is always Matt. The fundamental bits that people have done are still relevant, nothing is old and nothing is wasted. We tell the guys, they can still use their existing skills as a step up for something more. We teach students everything they need to know in their area.
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