Triton T80Z Fast Fit Electric Shower

by Editor on March 11, 2012

If you’ve ever had to replace an Electric Shower you’ll probably know how a seemingly simple job can turn into a major exercise.  I came across this Triton T80Z ‘Fast Fit’ Electric Shower Unit which has options for 8 water entry points, 6 cable entry points and swivel connections.  This should make installing replacement electric showers a lot easier for electricians and plumbers.

Prolems can begin when the electrical and water inlet points of the new Shower Unit aren’t the same as the existing. When the pipework requires altering or cables are too short the installation can start become more involved. This can often lead to time consuming and expensive re-plumbing, re-wiring and even re-tiling of the wall. Triton Showers have come up with a long overdue solution to this problem.

T80Z Electric Shower Entry points

T80Z Electric Shower Entry points

The new Triton T80Z ‘Fast Fit’ Electric Shower Unit has 8 water entry points and 6 cable entry points which should cover most installation configurations.  The main feature of the T80Z is ‘Swing-Fit’ electrical connection and the ‘Swivel-Fit’ water connection which allow the actual connections points to be moved within the shower unit. This allows the Triton T80Z to accommodate either left or right hand wiring or pipework connection positions.

This should make life easier for both Electricians and Plumbers and hopefully make the fitting of replacement Shower Units a simple one man job.

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