Are Free Solar PV Panels A Good Idea?

by Editor on May 12, 2012

With many home owners and businesses are looking to save money by reducing their fuel bills free solar energy is becoming more appealing. But is it a good idea to go for the free solar panels option?
Here you can watch a video by Solvis using Solar Choice which explains how to get free solar panels.

If the roof of your property is suitable for solar pv panels but you can’t afford to buy them yourself then there is a way of getting solar power for free.

By signing up to a 25 year agreement to keep the panels you will be able to benefit from the electricity that’s generated in the daytime. This could reduce your electricity bill by an average of around 30% and by even more if you optimise the way you use your power hungry appliances. As energy prices rise the savings could be substantial and you won’t need to pay a penny for the upkeep or the maintenance of the solar panels.

Because the solar installation becomes an essential part of the infrastructure of the house it will pass onto any new owner when the property is sold. In most cases, after 25 years the solar panels will belong to the home owner and they will be able to benefit from free electricity but without the government FITs (Feed In Tariff) payment.

Is Your Roof Suitable?

Solar companies will be keen to target only the roofs which offer optimum performance. The best roof will have a 40 degree pitch, be south facing to catch maximum sunlight and have no shade caused by trees or other buildings. By choosing the best roofs they will get the most from their investment in the form of a goverment subsidy called FITs. This is paid for every unit of solar electricity produced and in the long term can be a very lucrative return for their original outlay.

Which Households Will Benefit Most?

Because the photo-voltaic solar panels will produce electricity continuously during daylight hours this will be the best time to use your electrical appliances. People who are at home and using the free electricity during the daytime will benefit most. One way of taking advantage of this solar pv system is to use timers to control appliances such as water heaters, washing machines and tumble dryers so they operate during the day and not at night when they will cost more to run.

Anything Against Free Solar Panels?

Some people don’t like solar panels and you may have problems when you come to sell your property. Also if you don’t use a great deal of electricity and are not at home during the daytime you won’t be making the best use of a solar pv system.

Many people believe that it’s well worth investing in buying the solar panels yourself and benefiting from all of the free electricity and FITs yourself.

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