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by Editor on May 11, 2012

Here’s a video interview with an electrician. It’s my old mate Imtiyaz Bhatty from IMI Electrical. The Recruitment Guy interviews him to find out what an electrician’s life is like,  the training, the prospects and the money. It’s an informative interview which will be of interest to anyone thinking of becoming an electrician.

Imi makes some good points and gives some excellent advice for anyone who wants to become an electrician. If you’re still at school main thing to make life easier for yourself is to get as many qualifications as you can.

Maths and science are key subjects for electricians and most colleges will ask you to show your qualifications and also take an entrance exam. If you’ve already reached a good standard you may be able to take your NVQ Level 3 electrical qualification earlier after some basic training. There is quite a bit of maths involved with electrical formulas, as well as learning electrical principals and practical skills.

Most NVQ level 3 electrical courses will require work based training so day release college is a great way to combine working and studying. You’ll gain experience of the working environment and get to use your newly learnt practical skills.

Health and Safety is also a large part of any electrician’s training course as with any construction industry trade. To make it easier to get work on site whilst training you may consider getting a CSCS card. The Construction Skills Certification Scheme is a way of proving that you have a basic level of competance as far as Health and Safety are concerned. You will need to apply to take a test and successful applicants are issued with a card giving them a means of identification and proof of their achievements. The test costs around £40 and the card £30.

When you’ve completed your NVQ 3 and City and Guilds electrical course it would be beneficial to get an ECS  card and also take an AM2 electrical exam to further prove your knowledge and practical skills. Training and for this exam can help you become a better electrician.

As you progress through your electrical training you could be considering any types of electrical work that you may want to specialise in when you become an electrician.

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I am a fully qualified Electricain, and I average £2500-£3000 a month! I? only trained for two years and now I am loving it! Best advice to anyone thinking of doing any trade is, go to a private college. Take a loan and pay for the course yourself as aposed to going to a council run college. Private college’s tend to teach you exactly what you need to know, and put that with onsite experience you will be on to a sure thing.There is alot of money out there to be earned for trades people. Good luck.


£200-£300 per week after 5 years training? Get more in Tescos! I would of thought thats per day other wise? not really worth doing the job with all that training.


I think he may have meant per week for an electrical apprentice or per day for an electrician.


Yes, there are lots of differnt areas of electrical work to get into once you qualify just like Imi says. Domestic, commercial and industrial are just the main areas. Security, Renewable Energy, Smart Homes, Maintenance, Inspection and Testing…

It’s a good idea to try to find out about any types of electrical work you may want to specialize in. Ask the guys on your course what their companies do and check for more info like electricians blogs and company websites.  All the best.


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