What Is A Qualified Electrician

by Editor on May 10, 2012

The answer the the question “What is a qualified Electrician?” is best answered by explaining the types of work and duties a working electrician is expected to perform. This article gives details of some of the many jobs a qualified electrician could undertake and the training you’ll need to do to become an electrician.

Electrician Working on Panel

Electrical Safety

Health and safety plays a large part in the life of an electrician. They always need to be aware of the dangers of electricity and the safety implications of installations and working procedures for themselves and others. All electrical work carried out in the UK must follow the recommendations and requirements of the current edition of the IEE Wiring regulations and The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989).

Electrical Work

Electrical work is involved in almost every aspect of modern life and a qualified electrician could decide to specialize in a particular area of the industry. An electrician needs to have many skills and a knowledge of a wide range of technical and electrical safety issues.

Types of Work

Industrial Electricians

Industrial electrics can include the maintenance of electrical equipment, power and lighting or machinery like motors. Some specialist work could involve working in hazardous areas such as chemical plants or on oil rigs.

Commercial Electricians

There many different types of work involved in the commercial sector which can range from installing power and lighting for businesses to communication or data networks, security systems, fire alarms and air conditioning.

Domestic Electricians

Other electricians prefer domestic electrical work and specialize in maintaining and installing new and existing household electrical systems which can include lighting & power, electric and fossil fuel heating control systems, home security systems or even ‘Smart Homes’ and structured cabling installations.

Renewable energy systems are new areas where a qualified electrician’s skills are needed. These may include: Solar Water Heating, Photo Voltaic or PV Micro Generation and the wiring of Heat Pumps.

Inspection and Testing Electricians

All of the above electrical systems require regular monitoring for deterioration and documentation needs to be kept. Some electricians specialize in the inspection and testing of electrical installations.


Studying an occupational or trade skill in the electrical industry can set you on the path to a successful career as an electrician. Becoming a qualified electrician is an ideal career choice for those with the determination and passion to succeed.

There are a range of electrical training courses designed for apprentice electricians and those who are new to the electrical trade. A good electrical apprenticeship will take around 3 years to complete and will include achieving an NVQ level 3 electrical qualification.

Trainees will find that their education as an electrician will be ongoing as electrical practices and regulations evolve to keep up with new technology and products. Experienced electricians are often required to undertake further training to help broaden and improve their existing skills and qualifications.

Learning Advice

If you decide that you want to become an electrician you’ll need to gain as much experience and knowledge possible. Finding a job as an apprentice electrician isn’t easy when you don’t have any work experience but you can start by finding out as much as you can about electrical work and the electrical industry. Employers will want you to start thinking like an electrician so you could start now by doing some research online about types of work, materials and tools used by electricians will help get you ‘up to speed’ and will improve your chances of impressing at job interviews.

You could also do research into the electrical training courses available in your area and contact colleges and companies to ask about apprenticeships. If you already have some experience you could find out about  electrical NVQ 3 level 3 training.

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