New Powerline Networking with Power Ethernet Sockets

by Editor on June 12, 2012

Electricians are in a great position to offer their customers an easy new solution for home and office networking. Powerline Networking technology is set to become a very useful addition to many electrical installations.

Power Ethernet PE Socket

Power Ethernet PE Socket

With the growing demands for network access, few businesses or homes ever have enough Ethernet ports to go around. Although wireless may be useful for laptops, it is not robust nor secure enough to be used as a primary form of networking.

A Powerline Network has something to offer many Businesses and Home Data Networks by using Power Ethernet (PE)Sockets which incorporate data network ports.

Power Ethernet PE Installation

Power Ethernet PE Installation

Create or extend a data network using the existing power cabling using PE Sockets.  A Power Ethernet Network delivers the advanced networking features that are required for both streaming video around the home and for enterprise-grade business networks.

By installing Power Ethernet points to an existing power circuit you can help your customers quickly extend their Ethernet network with the minimum of disruption and cost.

Power Ethernet Applications

Power Ethernet Applications

Some facts about Powerline Networking

  • A Simple Networking Solution with no rewiring necessary
  • No CAT 5 or 6 network wiring
  • Minimal mess and distruption
  • Has ability to deliver digital services
  • Uses existing power cables to allow internet access thoughout a building
  • No planning consent required for Listed Buildings

Easy Network Building

Installing two or more Power Ethernet Network Sockets instantly creates a high speed, secure Ethernet network running across the existing electrical mains cabling. Connecting any PE Socket to a broadband service enables the sharing of Internet connectivity and digital content among all the devices plugged into them.  More devices and additional rooms can be easily added to the network simply by installing additional PE Sockets so creating a flexible and affordable networking solution.

Power Ethernet PE Socket & Network Ports

Power Ethernet PE Socket & Network Ports

The PowerEthernet Network PE Socket incorporates a 4 port, high speed managed Ethernet switch which eliminates the need for adding additional network switches. This removes the clutter and hassle of additional cables under desks or behind televisions.   Embedded within the PE Socket is an integrated mains filter in order to minimise the effect of any electrical noise on the circuit and therefore delivery the maximum available bandwidth and the network backbone is robust and is automatically encrypted with 128bit AES security. Up to 64 PE sockets can be integrated in the same network and up to 300 meters apart. The network has a maximum throughput of 200Mbps (gross) which is fast enough to smoothly stream full-HD video.


The Power Ethernet Sockets network can not only provide connectivity for multiple different services including interactive touch-screens but also supports security systems, such as CCTV and asset alarms, and building management systems that control heating, lighting and other functions.

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Steve June 21, 2012 at 12:04

These things cause no end of interference to those of us who are radio amateurs and are a nuisance

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