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by Editor on July 19, 2012

Mobile devices such as the Google Android are set to make life a lot easier for electricians. There are now many electrical Apps available to help with caculations, reference and recording test results. Here is a selection of some of the latest Android Apps especially designed for electrical work. Please let us know your own views on Apps for electricians and you can recommend your own favorites in the comments section below.

Google Android Tablet PC

Android Apps for Electricians

FormFill Android

FormFill Android is an electrical inspection and testing application for use in conjunction with FormFill 10 desktop software.

kVA Calculator

Single & three phase calculator. Use to convert kVA, Amps, Volts, kW and Power Factor. kVA Calculator

Max ZS Values

Max Zs Values Calculates maximum permitted Zs values to BS 7671 Amd.1 for BS EN devices, MCB’s, RCBO’s, Fuses and Manufacturer Specific Device values, specific values for RCD’s in TT earthing systems, LV, REC Ze values….100% and temperature adjusted values.

Cable Wire Size Calculator Domestic

Cable Size Calculator Domestic calculates circuit cable sizes for PVC/PVC Flat twin and earth cables for all common domestic installation methods.

Electrical Calculator

Electrical Calculator– Wire Size & Ampacity, Grounding Tables, Motor FLC Tables, Voltage Drop, Ohms Law.

Voltage Drop Calculator

The Voltage Drop Calculator app will calc the voltage and % dropped and give you the impedance of the wire based on the input values.

Earthing and Bonding

Calculates all the required values by selecting options from the drop down lists Adiabatic Equation & Earth and Bonding Size Calculator calculates main earth conductor sizes, main earth bonding sizes and cpc circuit protective conductor sizes and now also includes the Adiabatic Equation. Earthing and bonding.

Adiabatic Equation

Enter your values and the App will carry out the Adiabatic equation calculation for the minimum earth protective cpc conductor size.  Adiabatic Equation.


The most useful app I have on my phone (Android) is CamScanner. Take a picture of anything and it converts it into a pdf, I use it for receipts, plans, diagrams, stuff you scribble onto plasterboard like readings and cable ID’s etc. Obviously then the previous paper (or plaster!) document can be saved, emailed, sent to the supplier etc.

Electrical Tools and Reference

Electrical Tools and Reference is a multi-functional Electrical App which includes necessary tools and references for Electricians and Electrical Engineers.

The Electrical Tools and Reference App seems to be very popular with Android users. So here’s some more detail:


Wow best app on the market, This is without doubt the best electrical app I have ever used. I would have paid double the price for it.

A must have app for electricians. Best app on the market.


The Google Play website description:

Version 2.1 Includes tools and references for Electricians and Electrical Engineers. A multi-functional Electrical App which includes necessary tools and references for Electricians and Electrical Engineers.

The tools include:

  • Watts Calculator
  • Amps Calculator
  • Volts Calculator
  • kW Calculator
  • Power Factor (cos)Calculator
  • kVA Calculator
  • Max Zs Values – 100% values Calculator
  • Max Zs Values – Temperature Adjusted Calculator
  • Manufacturer specific Zs Values. 60947-2 / 3871 Type 4
  • Zs values for RCD’s in TT Earthing Systems Calculator
  • Calculate la
  • REC Ze Values
  • Fault Current – Single Phase Calculator
  • Fault current – Three Phase Calculator
  • Pvc/pvc Cable Wire Sizes = Cable Sizes, Volt Drop, Zs, Tabulated Currents, Volts Drop, r1+r2

Reference includes charts and tables for:

  • SWA Steel Wire Armour Gland Pack Sizes Chart
  • SWA Steel Wire Armour Cleat Sizes Chart
  • SWA Steel Wire Copper Equivalent Sizes for use as (cpc) circuit protective conductors
  • SPD Surge Protection Charts
  • SPD Surge Protection Protective Conductor Sizes
  • SPD Surge Protection Impulse Withstand Voltages
  • SPD Surge Protection Power Frequency Stress Voltage
  • Maximum Permitted RCD Trip Times for RCD’s and Time Delay RCD’s
  • and even more coming soon with on going free updates.
  • More info and video

To get Electrical Tools and Reference and more Android Apps see Electrical Apps for Electricians in the ‘KEY LINKS’ section on the left of this page.


Solar Shading

Solar Shading is a major concern for maximising the efficiency of solar panel installations. Perform a shading analysis for a solar panel site in under a minute. Solar Shading.


An Android App for monitoring solar power plant. Works with data loggers/data sources such as: Solar-Log (all models), SolarViewFritzbox & SMA Sunny Webbbox BT (with FTP-Push of csv-files) Solar Analyzer

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