Electrical Tools and Reference Android App for Electricians

by Editor on July 20, 2012

Here’s some more info and the promotional video about the Electrical Tools and Reference Android App for Electricians.

An Android Electrical Application for Electricians which contains useful tools and reference charts to assist the electrician and engineer with their day to day activities.

The Tools:

  • Watts Calculator
  • Amps Calculator
  • Volts Calculator
  • kW Calculator
  • Power Factor (cos)Calculator
  •  kVA Calculator
  • Max Zs Values – 100% values Calculator
  • Max Zs Values – Temperature Adjusted Calculator
  • Manufacturer specific Zs Values. 60947-2 / 3871 Type 4
  • Zs values for RCD’s in TT Earthing Systems Calculator
  • Calculate la
  • REC Ze Values
  • Fault Current – Single Phase Calculator
  • Fault current – Three Phase Calculator
  • Pvc/pvc Cable Wire Sizes = Cable Sizes, Volt Drop, Zs, Tabulated Currents, Volts Drop, r1+r2

Reference includes charts and tables for:

  • SWA Steel Wire Armour Gland Pack Sizes Chart
  • SWA Steel Wire Armour Cleat Sizes Chart
  • SWA Steel Wire Copper Equivalent Sizes for use as (cpc) circuit protective conductors
  • SPD Surge Protection Charts
  • SPD Surge Protection Protective Conductor Sizes
  • SPD Surge Protection Impulse Withstand Voltages
  • SPD Surge Protection Power Frequency Stress Voltage
  • Maximum Permitted RCD Trip Times for RCD’s and Time Delay RCD’s
  • and even more coming soon with on going free updates.

To get Electrical Tools and Reference and more Android Apps see Electrical Apps for Electricians in the ‘KEY LINKS’ section on the left of this page.


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