How to be an Electrician Apprentice in the UK

by Editor on July 2, 2012

There’s no denying that the best way of learning any trade skill is via the apprentice route. Here’s an overview of how to be an electrician apprentice and also some information about what your electrical training will involve.

Electrical Apprentice Training

Being an electrician can be an interesting and challenging occupation and a career in the electrical industry will normally involve a good deal of training and passing of exams. A student would need to reach a reasonable standard of education to be able to successfully enroll on an electricians’ course. Key subjects for a budding electrician to study are mathematics and physics and a previous knowledge of basic electrical theory would be very useful.

When applying to colleges you will need to have proof of passing school or college exams and may also be asked to take additional assessment tests. If your qualifications in physics and maths are deemed sufficient and you feel confident of you abilities, it could be possible to advance to NVQ Level 3 without the need to spend time covering the basics.

To give you some idea of an electrical apprentice training- the theory part will involve studying electrical principals, the BS7671 Electrical Wiring Regs, the Building Regs and some use of mathematical formulae and calculations, whilst the ‘hands on’ part will cover the many aspects of electrical installation, testing and learning the best practices. If you are considering becoming an electrician it would certainly help if you have an aptitude for problem solving as well as practical skills.

To get started, you can enquire in your local area about how to be an electrician apprentice by contacting colleges and electrical companies. Ask about any apprenticeship programmes which would be available to you, the funding, how long they run for and which qualifications they offer. Covering all these points will make sure that you don’t end up wasting your time by enrolling on the wrong course. The best courses will offer you ‘on the job’ training as part of an apprenticeship program. If you’ve worked in the electrical industry before and already have some experience you could also start by looking at NVQ level 3 and City and Guilds 2357 electricians’ training courses .

You’ll have a lot to learn to become qualified as an electrician and you could start to build your electrical knowledge right now by going online and doing some research. Look at electrical websites, electricians forums and electricians blogs to find out about the different sorts of work, the materials and tools electricians use. All this will to help get you ‘up to speed’ and will give you a better chance of impressing employers when you’re looking for a job. It will also help you to decide which type of electrician you want to become.

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