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by Editor on July 18, 2012

It’s good to talk, especially when your working as an electrician in an ever changing world!  Talk.ElectricianForum.co.uk gives electricians the opportunity to discuss the things that concern them the most. This article from ‘The Welsh Wizard’ from the popular electrician’s forum highlights some popular topics and regular questions asked by electricians in the UK.


Anyone who has been working in the electrical industry over recent years will probably be aware that regulations and guidance seems to be ever changing. And all of these changes raise lots of questions (and answers) in our Talk Forums:

Colour Harmonisation (denaturalise the black yes/no?)
Nominal voltage harmonisation and its associated calculations. (but why is the actual measured voltage still nearer 240v than 230v?).

Part P Domestic Building Regulations

Which work is notifiable?  Accessibly Part M  (how high do I put my sockets on a rewire?).

The new brand of domestic contractor schemes- which scheme is the best? NIC, Napit, Elecsa etc..
Installation methods and cable derating due to thermal insulation- what if my cables get buried after my install?


Verifying volt drop and phase rotation- Do I need special meters for these?

Increased RCD protection- every circuit or are just two RCD’s ok?

Plastic water services, to bond or not to bond? (and do I cross bond my boiler?

Renewable, Solar PV, Wind turbines- What did happen to those turbines sold by B&Q?

How are the FIT’s affecting business prospects? etc.     So many questions…

Electricians employed by larger companies can probably discuss many issues like those above with their colleagues. But what about smaller businesses, sole traders or college students? Whilst there is a wealth of information and help available in numerous books and internet sites, because a majority of BS7671 is open to interpretation and application, sometimes it can be a greater help to have someone to chat things over with.

This is where internet electrician’s forums have a pivotal role giving easy free access by all persons interested in electrical issues. But please beware, because sometimes comments can suffer from the problem of misinterpretation of another members post. Sometimes discussions can end up as an internet slanging match! These can be the most interesting threads to follow but often you’ll need to read between the lines and then put your own view across to calm people down when things start getting heated.

If you are looking for good quality discussion and debate about anything electrically related then Talk.ElectricianForum.co.uk is probably one of the best out there on the internet. With robust moderating against SPAM, bad language and personal insults, it provides a very broad spectrum of experience and knowledge within the industry. It aims to treat all posters with due respect whether a DIY question or a 40year+ time served heavy industrial electrician. Why not log onto to Talk.ElectricianForum.co.uk and check out what topics are currently under discussion?

Thanks to The WW for this info. I can testify that the Talk.Elec Forum is a friendly and informative place where both experienced and trainee electricians are welcome. -Steve

There’s now a Talk.Elec Forum App.


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