Electricians using iPad for Electrical Work

by Editor on August 9, 2012

Is an mobile device running Apps such as an iPad or Android any good for electricians to use in the course of their work? It’s always good to find out what other electricians find useful.

As well as the usual electrical calculations, filling in electrical test sheets and reports is now an everyday part of an electrician’s job. So  how can our lives be made easier by using mobile device such as an iPad and Apps?

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As well as being used in conjunction with computer based inspection and testing software iPhone and iPad Electrical Apps for electricians can prove to be very useful for making quick electrical calculations or for checking references when on site.

Here are some great forum thread comments with lots of discussion and info about how electricians use their iPads and various Apps for electrical work.

I’ve posted some snippets of the comments here which cover some of the main points but you can view all the threads at Talk.Electrician Forums and ElectriciansForums.

You can share your own experiences and views about using the iPad and Apps on the forum and by commenting at the bottom of this page.

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Forum Comments

I have invested in a iPad, I want to use it at work mainly to replace the laptop in the van. This is for a few reasons, starting the laptop to do a minor works takes longer than actually completing it, I don’t like doing certs twice and off site, also a laptop is bet used at a decent height sometimes end up laying on floor completing certs!


I’ve got easy cert on iPad. It works ok but i have a problem in that it doesn’t save all the info i put on the certs.


I’m a easy cert user so will have this on there and dropbox, but what other apps would be good for work use? Invoicing and quoting will done using sliq on windows back home.


As for apps,,, Pages – word processor Numbers – spread sheet Magic Plan (just been shown this) – create plans using iPad camera Goodreader – have all my manuals etc on this


We also use our iPad whilst on site instead of scribbling notes on paper I use the following   I used drop box to transfer certs etc onto iPad from my laptop   I have PDF lite which contains all certs and u can save filled on certs on there aswell. Also copy of my letterhead and the big red book as not got round to sorting out a digital copy of big green.

I also have notebook on there fore any notes I do need to record!

I only have the wifi iPad, but I use my iPhone as a personal hotspot shud I need to connect to the Internet! I also use ICloud as backup so when I get bk home all my work automatically is saved on there as backup!


Got drop box will have to request my password though! Just got that magic plan blown away it!


Icertifi is a great programme and can save to Dropbox.


I use the NICEIC click software for certs and I don’t think its available for iPad, but if and when they do, then maybe that’s my reason.   On excel spreadsheets I have found that formulas do not always display correctly on iPhone, has anyone else found this on iPhone or iPad.


If you got an I-phone 4 or above save yourself £100 and get the wifi version and use your I-phone as a personal hotspot. There are some great free invoicing apps out the as well.


My Measures Pro, think its £3.99 on app store – allows you to take photos and add measurements, draw arrows and add notes. Find it invaluable working between different jobs. The photos can be emailed or sent by picture message to clients or wholesalers. Also great for taking pics, adding notes for a future reminder when your going to be away from the job for a while.


That would be ideal to have electrical symbols! they have furniture and appliances but its a bit limited.


Get a netbook, save couple hundred, do certs faster using a mouse and keyboard.   iPads are all hype. My little netbook looks more professional and does it faster.


Printing – that’s where iPad fails, I’ve yet to find a way of sending stuff to my HP multifunction networked printer which is not airprint compatible.  So if anyone know’s how to do it then I would welcome your help.


Well I managed it with FingerPrint 2.0  However you have to have a PC/Laptop switched on that is connected to you network, also assuming your printer is also on the network and the printer must be installed on these PC’s/Laptops.  You install FingerPrint on the PC’s/Laptops and then using a program on the iPad that you want to print from you select printer.  It will or should then show you your printer (your pc laptop is now acting like an airprint printer and sends on to the printer) you select the printer and print.  I’ve tried it a few times and it works well, not sure what the limitations are yet.


Its not an app, its software you put on your pc or laptop, I’ve put it on all machines so providing one is on, which my laptop is almost all the time, the iPad or iPhone prints through it.   It has try before buy, and the print has a watermark saying fingerprint, so you test before you buy. From www.collobos.com


Took the plunge with easy cert today, not much of a plunge only £60 upgrade on the package I already have. Did not like easy cert on the iphone just couldnt get on with it. Completely different on ipad, works a treat so easy to use. So today I have filled in cert and emailed to customer and notified the job all while on site.


The most useful app I have on my phone (Android) is ‘CamScanner’. Take a picture of anything and it converts it into a pdf, I use it for receipts, plans, diagrams, stuff you scribble onto plasterboard like readings and cable ID’s etc. Obviously then the previous paper (or plaster!) document can be saved, emailed, sent to the supplier etc.


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John Smith September 2, 2012 at 12:21

Tap engines have a few apps for electricians, Sparky App, Cable Rating, etc Cable Calc is for the iPad, works out suitable cables and volt drop. http://www.tapengines.com, useful to have on your iPad

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