List of Electrical iOS Apps Used By Electricians

by Editor on August 9, 2012

Apple mobile iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad and can be exteremely useful to electricians. Electrical Apps can also make the job that little bit more interesting.


Apple iPad 3

Here’s a list of popular Apple iOS Apps that can be used by electricians to make their life easier. I’ve included links to them at the Apps store.

Also check out the KEY LINKS section (on the left) for iPad, Android and MS Electrical Apps For Electricians.

iPhone & iPad Apps for Electricians

WAV WattsAmpsVolts Calc– is an electrical app based on ohms law Watts Amps Volts  Calculator - Pro Certs Software Ltd

Max Zs Values– Calculate maximum permitted Zs values as per BS7671 Max Zs Values - Pro Certs Software Ltd

The Adiabatic Equation– Calculate the size of the main earth conductor for a TN-S system The Adiabatic Equation - Neil Moran

Electrical ToolKit– Re-calculates circuit values as the user edits any input data  Electrical ToolKit - Niranjan Kumar

TEF Talk.Electrician Forum– Keep up with the latest electricians info and comments  TEF -

MK Electric catalogue– Gives full details of the MK Electric product catalogue  MK Electric - stardigital

Magic Plan– Measures rooms and draws floor plans just by taking pictures.  MagicPlan - Sensopia

EasyCert– Input all results direct onto your phone to be then into your desktop EasyCert software. EasyCert Mobile - Tysoft

Honeywell Wiring Guide– Full technical details of how to wire domestic heating systems  Wiring Guide for Domestic Heating Systems by Honeywell - stardigital

MyMeasures– A powerful App for storing and sharing object dimensions  My Measures & Dimensions - SIS software

Aico Fire Detection– HandyFacts covers all the key information you need when fitting Fire, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms  Handyfacts - The Semantic Search Company Ltd

TomTom– Sat Nav App  TomTom U.K. & Ireland - TomTom

Here are some more Apple Apps suggestions used by electricians.  Please feel free to recommend you own favorites in the comments below:

All the auto cad apps
FTPOnTheGo Pro
Sound meter
eBay selling
DocsToGo Pro
Dragon Dictation
Bento (mac app)
TidesPlan10 (maybe 11 now)
0870 ( say no to 0870)
BBC news
Sky news
Itn news
Sling player (needs sling box at home)
Weather Pro HD
The Train Line
Synology apps ( only if you have a synology box)
TimelineHD ( only if you have genie timeline on your pc)
MK Electric ( full catalogue)
Groundwire ( if you want VOIP calls)
Firefox home
Google earth
Cine world
Knot Guide
Form to go- made a site survey form using this, save loads of time.
Quick office
Magic plan – very clever, have a look.
Tune in radio

To find more Electrical Apps for Electricians see the KEY LINKS section on the left of this page.

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davep September 24, 2012 at 07:49

Just tried dropbox to share files between pc and android. Works great. Now going to work my waybdown list . thanks.

John Smith September 2, 2012 at 16:24

Sparky App has loads of thing for the electrician, cable calculation, BS numbers, electrical symbols, bathroom zones, phase rotation, cable trunking factors, absolutely loads of stuff for the spark. All BS 7671 compliant to.

Tony August 9, 2012 at 21:07

I’d like to recommend “Electrical Tools & Reference” which is on Android, works great on my phone and Tablet. Has everything I need and more, it gets updated quite often with new calculators and BS7671 charts.

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