The 5 Day Wonder Training Courses For Electricians

by Editor on August 30, 2012

Do Electricians have little (if any) value?

My article ‘Do You Think Electricians Are Being De-Valued?’ on the My Local Trades/Sparky Group website has raised some interesting comments including this one from Prof:


The invention of the “5 day wonder” courses has all-but destroyed any credibility that properly trained electricians once had.   How can you expect a member of the public to have any respect for any structured and supervised training undertaken (or  invaluable experience gained over many years) when virtually anyone is accepted by the Part P Scheme providers as “competent”.

Electricians know full well that virtually all of the “short course” electricians are next to useless – but the training industry expends great effort in feeding the Scheme providers with a near endless supply of cannon fodder to increase membership numbers – “never mind the quality, feel the width”.

Until Scheme providers suffer a financial penalty for poor/dangerous work carried out by their members, nothing will change. The Scheme providers are totally unregulated and make up their own rules to suit their business plans – the trade and their customers are of little consequence.   The worst offenders (with regards dangerous work) simply jump ship to another Scheme and leave their poor work history behind them – how can this be safe?


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