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by Editor on August 6, 2012

Mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7 and Android are set to make life a lot easier for electricians especially when it comes to the inspection and testing of electrical installations. The new range of specialist Apps for electricians from Pro Certs Software can help with calculating and verifying without the need to refer to books and charts. Electrical Apps can also be useful as a quick reference for design engineers and for students when checking electrical calculations.

Here’s a very useful mobile App for electricians from Pro Certs Software. It’s for checking your measured Zs values when carrying out testing & inspecting or when designing new circuits.

Max Zs App for Electricians from ProCert

Max Earth Loop Impedance reading Zs Values App tool for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 7 and Android. Calculates the maximum permitted Zs values (earth loop impedance) as per BS7671 Regs and also includes temperature adjusted values.

Calculates Results

  • BS7671 Amendment 1 2011 values
  • BS-EN device’s + Fuses
  • MCBs + RCBOs
  • 100% values + 80% values
  • 0.4 second disconnection times
  • 0.2 second disconnection times
  • 5 second disconnection times

Easy to use

Using the picker wheel select the protective device (fuse’s, MCB’s, RCBO’s) and device rating to calculate the maximum permitted Zs value for your selected device.

About Pro Certs & Apps

Pro Certs Software develop mobile applications for the electrical industry, electrical contractors, electricians, electrical enginners and electrical students on the iPhone, iPad Android and Windows Phone 7. The apps are designed by skilled electricians and electrical engineers and developed by expert programmers, once the apps are developed they are thoroughly tested and put through a number of tests to ensure complete accuracy and performace.

To download this App and find more Electrical Apps for Electricians see the Key Links section on the left of this page.

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Sparky101 August 6, 2012 at 19:59

Great app, I find Max Zs Values app extreamly handy and has helped me out more than enough times, I also use this earthing and bonding size calculator which I show to customers when they need their bonding upgrading as they always say “well it’s been ok for the last 10 years” and this app helps me to explain why the bonding needs to be upgraded – great app I use on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.procerts.cpc

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