AU4011/30 & AU4011/40 Par 20 CFL Lamps

by Editor on October 4, 2012

AU4011/30 & AU4011/40 Par 20 CFL Lamps

Here’s some info about the Aurora 4011 range of lamps including sources for the dimmable and  non-dimmable versions.

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4011/30 & 4011/40 GUF Par 20 Lamps

The Aurora 4011 (new) and 4013 (discontinued see below) lamps are specified for use in the Aurora energy saving range of mains voltage DLM841 and DLM842 downlights to meet the previous 40 lumen per circuit watt requirements of UK Building Regulations. The 4011/30 and 4011/40 GUF lamps are non-dimmable and are designed to give an equivilent light output, at full brightness, of a 50 watt dichroic halogen lamp. They require a warm up time of approx 1 minute to reach full brightness. If used with occupancy sensors these should be set to a 20 minute minimum duration.

Dimmable version AU DGUF4011/64

There is also a dimmable version of the 4011 and the lamp is slightly longer. It’s currently only available in cool white. The DGUF4011/64 is dimmable from 25-100% with DSP Leading Edge Dimmer Switches.

4013/30 & 4013/40 Discontinued

The 4011 (11 watt) lamp superceeds the 4013/30 (warm white) and 4013/40 (natural light), 13W 240V CFL SGU10 1000 Hours 3000K Warm White Non-Dimming lamp. The part number old the old type lamps was either- Cat No. AU-GUF4013/30 or Cat No. AU-GUF4013/40 .

The 4013 (13watt) range is no longer available and the new 11 watt 4011/30 or 4011/40 versions can be used as a direct replacement.

Lamp info

Non-Dimmable 4011/30 & 4011/40 versions

  • Wattage- 11 Watts
  • Colour- 4011/30 Warm White (3000K) & 4011/40 Natural White (4000K)
  • Lumens- 550
  • Base- Fits GU10 and SGU10 lampholders
  • Approx Life hours- 10,000 hours
  • Lamp Type- PAR20 Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Lamp
  • Diameter- 64 mm Lamp
  • Height- 88 mm
  • Input Voltage 240V

Dimmable version AU DGUF4011/64

  • Wattage- 11 Watts
  • Colour- Cool White (4000K)  Lumens- 335
  • Base- Fits GU10 and SGU10 lampholders
  • Approx Life hours- 10,000 hours
  • Lamp Type- PAR20 Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Lamp
  • Diameter- 64 mm Lamp Height- 92 mm Input Voltage 240V

More Info- AU4011/30 & AU4011/40 Lamps

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Rachel Stevens November 6, 2016 at 11:35

Seriously useful article as I couldn’t understand why I was unable to find the 4013 to purchase. Straightforward and very informative for leccy numpties like myself 🙂 Thank you

terry November 5, 2015 at 15:45


Is there a generic (cheaper) equivalent bulb to the au guf 4011/30. please?

Editor January 5, 2014 at 19:44

Hi Steve

Please could you give me a price for two of:

AU4011/30 3000k warmwhite

might need a few more for stock so if price better happy to have up to 10.

many thanks
Hi Chris

They are about £15 each depending on dimmable or not.

You can order from Aurora at most branches of CEF or Edmundson Electrical.

All the best.

..just to close loop I got two at £11.95 each from lights4u via Amazon. Very efficient. Tried several other suppliers following web search without any success but Amazon went straight to it.

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