Electrical Tools and Reference App for iPhone and iPad

by Editor on October 17, 2012

Here’s some info about the new Electrical Tools & Reference App. It’s designed for electricians and electrical engineers to use on their iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Electrical Tools & Reference App

This electrical App includes tools, electrical calculators and reference charts with free application updates.

The reference section includes charts and tables for:

  • SWA Steel Wire Armour Gland Pack Sizes Chart
  • SWA Steel Wire Armour Cleat Sizes Chart
  • SWA Steel Wire Copper Equivalent Sizes for use as (cpc) circuit protective conductors
  • SPD Surge Protection Charts
  • SPD Surge Protection Protective Conductor Sizes
  • SPD Surge Protection Impulse Withstand Voltages
  • SPD Surge Protection Power Frequency Stress Voltage
  • Maximum Permitted RCD Trip Times for RCD’s and Time Delay RCD’s
  • Free updates coming soon…

The Electrician’s Tools:

  • Watts Calculator
  • Amps Calculator
  • Volts Calculator
  • kW Calculator
  • Power Factor (cos)Calculator
  •  kVA Calculator
  • Max Zs Values – 100% values Calculator
  • Max Zs Values – Temperature Adjusted Calculator
  • Manufacturer specific Zs Values. 60947-2 / 3871 Type 4
  • Zs values for RCD’s in TT Earthing Systems Calculator
  • Calculate la
  • REC Ze Values
  • Fault Current – Single Phase Calculator
  • Fault current – Three Phase Calculator
  • Pvc/pvc Cable Wire Sizes = Cable Sizes, Volt Drop, Zs, Tabulated Currents, Volts Drop, r1+r2

To get Electrical Tools and Reference and more Apps see ‘Electrical Apps for Electricians’ in the ‘KEY LINKS‘ section on the left of this page.


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mike May 16, 2013 at 23:23

thanks I’ll get it

Editor May 16, 2013 at 18:45

david gowanlock – February 5, 2013 – Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 2.2

Great app.
This app is really good. Same readings as regs book. Calculating tools are really good too. Really handy for if your stuck on a job and need to check a reading.
A Google User – November 7, 2012 – HTC Desire with version 2.2

Some bits are useful, some bits not so. Only t+e on cable calcs. Worth it just for the Max Zs values. Saves looking in bs7671.
Ed Williamson – February 9, 2013 – Asus Nexus 7 with version 2.2

Not too bad
Needs better guides to explain options and the author should invest in a spell checker. Far too many typos.
Karlo Wunderman Samsung S3

Quite useful and not bad for only £2!!

Mike May 16, 2013 at 14:15

Is this any good because there are no reviews

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