CSCS ID Cards For Trainee Electricians on Construction Sites

by Editor on November 12, 2012

Health and Safety is also a large part of any electrician’s training course as with any construction industry trade. If you are not enrolled on an approved electrical apprenticeship scheme or not covered by a company’s Health & Safety training scheme you may consider getting a CSCS card to enable you to work on construction sites whilst training.

An ECS card is applicable to the Electrotechnical trades but if you’re not yet qualified in the electrical industry then a CSCS ID Card may enable you to work on site as an operative or a labourer.

The CSCS Scheme applies across the UK and in Northern Ireland it’s called the Construction Skills Register (CSR).


CSCS Cards

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme is a way of proving that you have a basic level of competance as far as Health and Safety are concerned. You will need to apply to take a test and successful applicants are issued with a card giving them a means of identification and proof of their achievements. The test costs around £40 and the card £30.

The aim of the test is to examine knowledge across a wide range of health and safety topics in order to improve safety and productivity on site. It is usually taken as a PC-based touch screen test at either a mobile testing unit or an accredited test centre.

You’ll need to check which CSCS card is right for you depending on the type of work you will undertake. For example if you are working as a labourer for an electrician you may only need to apply for a green Labourer’s card. Visit the CSCS Site.

New Smart CSCS ID Cards

CSCS SmartCards work in much the same way as traditional CSCS ID cards. The big difference is that, instead of just looking at the card and perhaps calling the CSCS Helpline to substantiate its authenticity, the site supervisor has the option to check the validity of the card using an electronic SmartCard reader. There is now also a mobile phone App for reading CSCS Smart Cards.

Further Training and ECS ID Cards For Electricians

When you’ve completed your NVQ 3 and City and Guilds electrical course it would be beneficial to get an ECS  card. The Electrotechnical Certification Scheme is the electrical equivalent of the CSCS card. More about ESC Cards.

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