ECS ID Card For Electricians

by Editor on November 12, 2012

Electricians can prepare for the ECS test by buying the revision book for about £4 or can free download all the ECS assessment questions and answers (see links below).

About the ECS Card

ECS stands for Electrotechnical Certification Scheme. ECS is the only ID and competence card scheme for Electrotechnical operatives in the UK, and it’s recognised and endorsed by the industry.

Health and safety a large part of an electrician’s training, as with any construction industry trade. To make it easier to get work on site you may consider getting an ECS Card.

Holding additional forms of proof of your certification such as an electrician’s ECS ID Card may prove useful when looking for electrician jobs, and especially for being able to work under the stricter Health & Safety conditions required at commercial locations and on construction sites. It’s also sometimes called a JIB Card or Electrician’s Gold Card.

ECS Card for Electricians

It’s now almost impossible to gain access to a construction site without proof of identification, your competence and qualification levels. If you’re working in the electrical industry then you’ll probably need to get an ECS card. The ECS Gold Card is issued by the JIB and is for fully qualified electricians only.

Holding an ECS card means you can prove your identity, your qualified status (JIB grade) and your occupation. It is affiliated to the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). Different types of CSCS card apply to different trades and levels of competence or qualification and the ECS card is the one that’s relevant to the Electrotechnical Industry.

These are the main benefits of an ECS ID Card:

  • Identifies that  you’re formally licensed to carry out UK Electrotechnical work in the area or  occupation identified by the card
  • Is a valid identity  card to show employers and gain access to a construction site or a property
  • Is government and  industry-backed
  • Displays your  qualification and training credentials
  • Proves your  competence in both electrical work and Health and Safety
  • Is endorsed and  supported by UK Part P Competent Person Schemes

To be recognised as a qualified installation or maintenance electrician in the UK, you have to have achieved an Electrotechnical NVQ Level 3 (or its equivalent), which entitles you to apply to hold an ECS Gold Card.


ECS Health & Safety Assessment Test

Depending on your current qualifications and training, you may be required to take an up to date Health and Safety assessment – ECS Test. Why?

The ECS Health and Safety Assessment has been introduced as the method of assessing the health and safety knowledge of people working in the electrotechnical industry. Passing the assessment will demonstrate that you have a satisfactory level of health and safety knowledge.

The test currently consists of 40 multiple choice questions which are randomly selected from a database of approx 300.
It is a ‘closed book’ assessment which means no revision materials will be allowed during the exam.
Candidates are allowed 30 minutes to complete the assessment and the pass mark means you must get 34 correct answers out of 40.

Here are the areas that will be covered in the ECS test:

  • General Health and Safety at Work
  • Manual Handling Operations
  • Reporting Accidents
  • Personal Protective Equipment at Work
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Fire and Emergency
  • Work at Height
  • Work Equipment
  • Special Site Hazards
  • Electrotechnical questions

Candidates who pass the ECS Health & Safety Assessment will be issued a ‘Notification of Success’ letter which is valid for 2 years (this replaced the previous ECS H&S Certificate with effect from 6th June 2012) and is accepted as evidence that holders meet the health and safety knowledge requirements to apply for an ECS card.

You can prepare yourself for the ECS test by buying the revision book for about £4 or better still download all the questions and answers for free from here:

You can apply for your ECS card from the ECS Website

If you are renewing your existing ECS Card then it will be quicker to renew online at

If you’re not yet a qualified electrician and want to work on construction sites whilst you train, you could take a CSCS test and apply for a CSCS ID Card.

Newly qualified electricians applying for JIB registration and their ECS Card Card are likely required to pass an AM2 Exam.

More info from the ECS Card Website

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Ben Brown April 9, 2013 at 15:10

Just to follow on from your article. It is definitely proper and right that Electricians should have a card that identifies them as fully qualified and competent. Also if you are coming to work as an electrician in Ireland you would need to join up with one of the following registered bodies. RECI = Register of Electrical Contractors in Ireland, ECSSA = Electrical Contrators Safety Standards Association or the SAFE ELECTRIC.

And the public should make sure that any electrical contractor (or any other contractor for that matter) should be registered and insured before engaging them to do works.

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