Review of the Megger PAT Testing Business in a Box

by Editor on May 4, 2013

Here’s a review of the Megger PAT Testing Business in a Box by Trade Skills 4 U and a promotional video.
Portable Appliance Testing is an increasingly lucrative service that can be offered in addition to electrical services or on its own entirely. It is a very is a popular option for those who are new to the electrical industry. Any business that uses electrical equipment needs to have a PAT test carried out on each item of electrical equipment to confirm that it is safe for use by employees. Such equipment would include computers, extension lead, kettles, microwaves and even radios that might be found in an office.

Some householders also choose to have PAT testing carried out although this is not compulsory, so the main market if you are thinking of becoming a PAT tester will be businesses. So having qualified as a PAT Tester, the world is now your oyster right?


Well of course, becoming a PAT Tester should have opened up your options somewhat, but if you are new to the electrical industry, one of the first challenges you will face is how to find business. This is where the Megger Business in a box comes in.


This ingenious product contains everything you need to start your own business as a PAT Tester and naturally, as this is Megger it includes the Tester! Available in two versions the PAT320 is the manual version and the PAT420 is the computerised version. Included with the tester is everything you need to diversify the direction of your business and boost your income. In a nutshell, this is your business, you have the freedom to run it well without the worry of where to gain customers from.


The PAT Testing business in a box comprises of a tough Portable Appliance Tester that will give years of service – this will get your business off to a great start without the worry of inferior equipment. All the leads and adaptors needed to carry out PAT testing successfully are all supplied.


If you are buying the manual version, you will receive a duplicate test report book to enable results to be certified and a copy can then be issued to your customer. The computerised PAT business in a box comes with the renowned Megger Power suite Contractor PAT certification software which manages both your customers and assets including arranging appointments, diary management and billing, automatic testing, printing certificates and repairs estimates.


Each business in a box comes with a roll of 1000 pass labels which is a great start for your new business plus a guide to PAT testing containing clear step by step instructions on how to do it.


Whilst this is useful, it is important to remember that is only a guide. At Trade Skills 4 U we recommend taking a PAT Testing course even if you are an electrician already in order to gain a PAT testing qualification as well as to understand what it is about. This is an important step in gaining customer confidence.


The guide helps identify who your customers are going be and how to sell your PAT testing services to them. The guide includes:


* Where to find and how to approach clients – this is essential knowledge if this is your own business.


* Details of who, and why they need to be testing their electrical assets – again this is an essential component in selling your services successfully.


* Guidelines on what to charge – It is important to price competitively, but not so low as you lose motivation and not so high that you price yourself out of the market.


* Pre-designed advert and brochure for you to customise – this can save you a lot of money on paying for someone to design this for you especially if you are not creative enough to do this yourself, or lack the time.


* Pre-written press releases for you to generate interest – again these can be distributed as editorials in local publications or even newspapers in your local area, perhaps there are websites these can be utilised on, including your own. The great thing about the press releases is that they’re written by the experts – the people who have designed the business in a box so you know its going to be written professionally.


* Pre-written letters for you to send to your potential customers – again if you lack the time to compile business stationery and advertising, the letters can easily be sent out to clients without you spending large amounts of time composing letters at a computer – we’re sure you can use your time more effectively!


At Trade Skills 4 U we feel the computerised version of the business in a box has the edge as this is going to produce the professional looking results that customers are looking for nowadays. The computer generated certificates look more professional than a hand written document. However the price tag of around £500 extra to purchase the computerised version has to be considered.


The great thing though about both versions is that everything is contained in the box to set up a successful PAT testing business. The only optional extras for both packs are a bar code reader and bar code printer.


So whether you are considering a move into the electrical industry or are thinking of offering PAT testing to compliment your services, the Megger Business in a box will get you off to a great start.

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