Various Types of Electrical Testing Equipment

by Editor on July 31, 2013

This guest post by Berry Davies gives some info on the different types of testing equipment used in the electrical industry.


Fluke T5 Electrician’s Tester


We can’t imagine life without electrical appliances in today’s world. These essentials are so intricately entangled in our lives that we cannot imagine a day without them. During my last testing regime, which was scheduled, ranging from commercial units, households, industrial sector, factories to agricultural setups I gathered quite a lot of experience of electrical testing equipment which I would like to share with you. These appliances and machines make our daily routine easier and I wouldn’t be without my testing gadgets.

Electrical equipment testing undoubtedly requires experts to conduct the testing. They can be classified into some broad categories and these will be quite useful for you in your work as an electrician.


Earth Loop Impedance Testers: – These are used widely by electricians and electrical installers. They are used to test circuits for correct polarity and the integrity of earthing to electrical accessories. Many Earth Loop Testers also have the facility to test for PFC or PSCC which can be very useful to avoid having to carry out maximum current calculations for electrical circuits.

Insulation Testers:- Electrical wiring Insulation Testers are used by cable installers and electricians to test for resistance between cores of cables. It’s very important to verify that an electrical cable is not damaged and that the insulation around the live conductor is intact. Insulation Testers normally use a high test voltage of between 250 and 1000 volts to check for any breakdown and ‘tracking’ between the cores or a cable or to earth. The resistance readings obtained by an Insulation Tester are normally measured in Mega (millions) of Ohms.

Burn-in Type test equipment: – They are an asset to the semi-conductor industry and are used for testing boards and power chips. They work on the ratings of Voltage, current, temperature and power cycle. They are one of the widely used testing devices. All faulty ratings concerning to doping, junctions and integration were detected with these.

Battery Testers Type: – A number of devices and machines use batteries and nevertheless timely checkups and examination are done still battery failures are an indispensable part. These electric testing devices are used for measuring current flow, battery voltage and power, resistance and when time is due for recharging it. Performance and endurance of the battery can also be measured with their help and certainly, they are an indispensable part of various industries.

Backplane Category:– These are similar to printed circuit boards having multiple sockets. Different sockets are provided to test different types of gadgets out of which most common one is resistors and capacitors. They most efficiently cater networking purpose and they are user-friendly as compared to the automatic ones.

Automated Genre: – These are known for their ease and automated execution. They are sophisticated and used to test some complex and advanced technology based equipment. But you need to have a good knowledge of the programming and installation of these devices since they involve the reading on the computer and can repeatedly be used day by day because of their robust fabrication and are prominently used in circuits and boards.

PAT Testers (Portable Appliance Tester): – This type of testing done using devices is known as Portable Appliance Testing. After each PAT test is carried out a small ID label is attached to the appliance. This test label indicates the date of the test, the size of the protective fuse or device, a pass or fail and when the next test date is due. The use of PAT Testers has grown significantly in the past few years and are capturing a greater share of the electrical test equipment market.

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