How to create a blog and make money blogging

by Editor on August 5, 2013

In this post I answer some frequently asked questions about how to create a blog and whether it’s possible to make money from blogging. I’ve also included form where you can sign-up to my BlueSky100 series of emails that should help you get started setting up your new blog. You’ll also be able to get your free Income Blogging Guide Blueprint.

How to create a blog and make money

Since I’ve been writing this electriciansblog I’ve been asked countless times about how to create a blog and also if it’s possibe to make money from blogging. As you can see from looking at this website/blog there is the potential to place ads and promote products which pay commission. Yes you can make money blogging but how much you can earn is generally determined by how much time and effort you put in and ultimately by how many visitors you get to your website.

Can Anyone Write A Blog?

Yes, I think that anyone  can  write a blog and you can make a blog about anything. Some people just like blogging about everything in their lives whilst others concentrate on one particular subject or niche. I always think that blogging is just like writing a book or a guide, but in small steps over a long period. If you’re interested in a subject or have some expertise that you want to share with others then writing into blog (weblog) is a great way to build up a wealth of knowledge in one place, just like a book.

A Blog Is Better Than A Book

The problem with writing a book is that once it’s written and published it’s very difficult to update or make changes to without going to the trouble of re-publishing and re-printing. Whereas a blog is never finished and is constantly growing as you add more content. Everything you publish on your blog is instantly accessible to everyone on the internet. You can even go back and edit or delete things that you’ve already written which you can’t do with a book. Another advantage that a blog has over a book and even a regular website is that you can get instant feedback from your readers in the form of blog comments.

How Can You Make Money From A Blog?

If you’re blogging about something you love then producing blog content (writing articles and posts) will be quite easy to do and you’ll attract a readership that have the same interests. It’s at this stage that you can start to make money blogging as you will be able to post up ads for different affiliate offers and you could also attract advertisers who’ll want to take advantage of your blog’s traffic and attract readers to their own websites and offers.

Free Blogs

Well there are lots of ways you can create a blog and probably the easiest is to get a free one with Blogger or using .  There are however resistrictions to what you can do with them especially when it comes to moneytising them and placing ads.

Probably the most worrying thing about having a free blog is that you don’t actually own it or have full control of it.  If it suddenly disappears or gets hacked then you will have lost everything which could have amounted to very many hours of painstaking work.

Owning Your Blog

If you have a website or blog that you have created and actually paid for and that YOU own the database to (not your tech person or website provider), then this puts you in much a better position if you’re serious about earning an income from blogging.

This includes owning the domain name and paying for web hosting. Then you have far more control over what you can do including making it secure and eventually making money from it.

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I’ve been blogging and email marketing for a few years now and I’ve learnt a great deal about how to set up and use websites for promotion and for income.  I’ve joined lots of training programs and spent a lot of time and money, so now I’m keen to pass on my experiences and recommendations to you so you don’t make some of the mistakes that I did.

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