The Fastest Route to Electrical NVQ Level 3

by Editor on September 4, 2013

This guest post from CSBS college explains how a trainee electrician can get to NVQ level 3.


Traditional Route to get the NVQ

To get on to the Electrical NVQ Level 3 in the traditional way you should first attend 2365 Level 2 and then progress on to the NVQ Level 3.

Attend level 2 course. The 2365 level 2 course consists of two parts and lasts for 7 weeks. These are theoretical and practical training courses. When you complete the 2365 level 2 course, you will have to pass online multiple choice exams and go through the practical assessment procedure. During this electrical course you will get important theoretical knowledge and practical skills in armored cable, 3 phase systems, steel conduit, pipe bending techniques, commercial and residential installations and trunking. As a result, you will get level 2 qualifications. After you complete the level 2 diploma 2365 course you can progress and go on to the 2365 level 3 course.

Attend level 3 course. The 2365 level 3 is considered to be one of the most comprehensive training courses for people, who want to build a successful electrical career. This course is intended for 2365 level 2 electricians, who want to improve their level of qualifications. Finishing the 2365 level 3 course students increase their chances to be hired by potential employers. The course gives students skills, which are required to work in commercial, residential and industrial sectors. As a rule, students can easily find the job after finishing 2365 level 3 course and becoming a fully qualified electrician. The 2365 level 3 course consists of theoretical and practical parts and lasts for 7 weeks. At the end of the course a student has to go through practical assessment procedure and pass the exams. The course covers inspection and testing, advanced electrical science, system design and fault diagnosis, etc.

Attend then the NVQ level 3. Have you finished your level 3 diploma course? Are you a highly experienced electrician? The next important step that you have to take on the way to success in your career is to become a fully qualified electrician. Don’t miss such a wonderful opportunity! For this you need to go through the final NVQ assessments. However, in order to qualify for NVQ Level 3 you should meet the certain requirements. You must have at least 2 years of experience or a level 3 electrical qualification. Also, you must build up the portfolio for assessment. If you can’t meet the requirements then just get 2365 level 2 and 3 courses first. These courses provide all the necessary trainings and the NVQ elements. If you meet all the necessary requirements you will be assigned an assessor. This person will help you during the NVQ process.

Fast Route to Get on to the Electrical NVQ Level 3

As you can draw a conclusion from the information provided above, it may take a lot of time before you become a fully qualified electrician, especially if you choose the part-time options (2365 level part time duration is around 36 weeks and for 2365 level 3, part time duration is also around 36 weeks). However, there are training providers like CSBS College who have developed fast track electrical courses like this 15 Day Domestic Electrical Installers Course in order to help candidates to save their time significantly. After finishing it you will go straight to the level 3 2365 course. This type of electrical course is usually designed for people, who don’t have special electrical training or qualifications. Are you a beginning electrician? Such a training course will be very helpful for you and provide numerous benefits. When you finish a course you will manage to do domestic electrical installation work. In addition, you will be able to apply for membership with NICEIC. This electrical course perfectly combines practical and theoretical training in the single whole. The practical course will teach you how to commission a consumer unit, inspect and test installations, install ring circuits, install radial circuits and install new lighting circuits. At the end of the course you will manage to test, design, inspect, install and certify your own electrical installation work. Moreover, you will get important knowledge on work safety and electrical activity during the course. You will also get useful experience in operating with tools and materials.

The Importance of Being a Fully Qualified Electrician

As you probably know, as a fully qualified electrician you can gain more benefits in your chosen career. Qualifications increase your chances of getting a well paid job. You can either work for an electrical contracting company, be a self-employed specialist or you can run your own electrical business employing other electricians. You can even travel and work overseas. A fully qualified electrician from the United Kingdom can find employment in many countries all over the world. For example, such countries as Australia and Canada provide highly qualified electricians with great work conditions and money making opportunities. Working in Australia a highly experienced electrician can earn up to £55,000 per year. All you need to do is to decide what you really want and to take control of your career and your future!


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chris October 31, 2018 at 21:56

Hi, i have attained my lv 3 2365 certificates. Im wondering what my next best move is. Ive tried to get on with an electrician but finding it hard. Any advice? Thanks

Hi Chris

Once you’ve passed your 2365 I guess your aim now would be to complete the additional ‘On site’ units and get your NVQ.
For this you’d need to be working as a trainee electrician to get hands on experience and also complete the modules and job write ups. Then pass the AM2 exam to qualify for JIB Gold Card, which is what most sparkies aim for.

All the best

Editor September 9, 2018 at 06:13

Hi Lionel. You’ll need to pass a H&S exam and get your existing qualifications verified by the JIB. Prob best to contact them for info

shaun July 13, 2018 at 12:50

Hi iv been doing electrics for over 13 years and i did my first year and second year in college and i missed half the 3rd year due to surgery. So i need to get my nvq 3 is there any options for my as i need to get my gold ecs card
Kind regards shaun

Hi Shaun
You’ll probably need to go back and do the 3rd year.
Best speak to the college and ask their advice.
All the best

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