UK Electricians Face Dramatic Changes

by Editor on September 17, 2013

Is a single Part P scheme provider on it’s way?

The electrical industry may be facing dramatic changes in the near future. Electrical Part P scheme providers must now find a way of coming together to make it easier for the public to choose an electrician.

The Government

The government wants to see a streamlined approach and the formation of a resource that the public can go to in order to find an electrician. They want to see scheme providers working together to gain customer confidence on one definitive resource. Currently, the government feels that the public remain confused and that branding and marketing are playing a key part to assisting the public on finding an electrician rather than the public having the confidence of choosing a safe electrician from an over-arching brand.

The Future

For those who are not aware, a meeting was held last week in parliament to discuss the future of the electrical industry and how the public will be able to make a suitably informed choice when selecting an electrician to work in their home. It was the second follow up meeting into the enquiry. The first meeting was held in January 2013 and the government wanted to see how far the electrical industry has got in working together to form a single resource for the public to go to in order to select an electrician. The meeting was attended by representatives from the ECA, NAPIT, Certsure and the Electrical Safety Council.

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