8 Electrical Safety Tips For Kids

by Editor on December 1, 2013

This guest post from Sam gives some useful electrical safety advice for children.

To adults, many of the points covered here may seem to be very obvious, but to youngsters they give some easy to follow guidelines. Passing on simple tips and a respect for the power of electricity can only help improve the safe use of electrical equipment for the young generation.

Electrical Safety Tips


If you are an experienced electrician you will be well aware of the dangers of electricity and the domestic outlets and appliances that are in every home. But it is worth remembering that kids don’t possess this knowledge so it’s always wise to give them a heads up and a few top tips that they will be able to remember as they tear around at home or school.

With that in mind here are 8 simple electrical safety tips to be passed on to children – and explained by someone who knows this field they should sink in even better.

1) Turn off equipment
Always switch off electric games and equipment such as X-Boxes and Playstations at bedtime. This is kind to the environment and is much safer than leaving them on.

2) Check for damaged wires/sockets
Someone (definitely a grown-up) should regularly check household wires and cables for damage, as well as sockets and plugs. This will keep the kids safe and promote peace of mind.

3) Keep drinks away from electrical
When playing on a console or sitting by the TV kids might spill a drink leading to inevitable danger of damage to equipment and harm to them. Drinks should be kept safely away from electrical.

4) Unplug the toaster if your toast gets stuck
It’s important for kids to know that if they are making toast and it gets stuck in the toaster, they must unplug it before trying to get their breakfast out. Sticking little fingers or a knife in there is incredibly dangerous.

5) Don’t let electric leads trail across cooker tops
This is particularly important if you have an electric oven, as it might not be obvious when the hob is switched on. Wires and heat do not mix and children need to know this from an early age.

6) Dry hands are safe hands
Children need to know that it’s important to wash their hands before touching anything electrical. In their rush to go and play they might want to skip the drying process but let them know that if they’re going near anything electrical their hands have to be dry.

7) No mains powered devices in the bathroom
Of course this is hugely dangerous so just a straight ‘not allowed’ rule should be enforced.

8) Don’t overfill a plug/extension socket
With consoles, PCs, TVs, stereos and other electrical devices kids might be tempted to pack loads of plugs into a socket or extension. Let them know this can cause damage to electrical systems in your home or even cause a fire.
Keep kids safe and pass on your knowledge.


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