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by Editor on January 5, 2014

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I often amazed and get a good chuckle from reading the some of the electrical test sheets handed to me by customers. Installation certs and inspection reports that have been carried out by ‘qualified’ electricians often found contain circuit and earthing system info that doesn’t relate at all to the job at hand. It seems that there’s a lot of it about although you’d hope things are improving, especially with all of the courses now available.

We all know that with initial verification and periodics it’s not just about getting the numbers down on the sheet it’s about making sense of them to check that all is as it should be and that the installation is safe.

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The guys on this LiknedIn thread share their own views…

Blagging an Electrical Installation Certificate!

I have always thought that if an electrical contractor has his whits about him that it would be easy to produce a fairly accurate set of test results for a Domestic Installation without carrying out any tests.

What do you think?


What is the point in Blagging an EIC ? An EIC is produced to certify that the installation is installed to the requirements of Bs 7671. Test instruments can vary after continued use and even with 6 monthly calibration with the best will in the world can give readings which are not as correct as they should be! How many times have you guys completed an EICR and checked it against the original EIC and found” LOADS” of mistakes, incorrect readings and omissions.

If the QS had checked the original document correctly then this would not happen. Recently I had a local customer show me a PIR from a Registered Contractor ( I won’t say which company) which was issued for a consumer unit change and alteration to the Kitchen sockets. Not only did the contractor issue the wrong cert but also stated that the installation was TNCS when the earth electrode was in plain visibility outside the front door! I GIVE UP! Paul R

Read more…¬†¬†¬†including metal consumer units in TT installations!



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