How To Solder LED Lighting Tape Strips

by Editor on February 2, 2014

This video from shows how to solder additional cabling to led tape strips. This is useful when you need to cut LED strips to different lengths for customizing your installations.

LED strips are a very effective way of lighting kitchen cupboards and displays. LED kits are great but restrict the possibilities of installation due to pre-cut lengths. The answer is to buy long lengths of LED strip tape and then trim them down to suit. Soldering cables to the pads isn’t so dificult and enables you to make up and join your own custom led lighting units.

How to solder wires to join 2 led strip tapes

  1. First cut the LED tape across the reference line at the required length
  2. Peel back the adhesive tape clear of the solder pads
  3. Pre-tin the solder pads by quickly applying heat to the pads and then adding the solder (don’t let the led strip get too hot or the circuit components may be damaged)
  4. Strip back your cables.
  5. Be sure to get the RGB wiring connections in the correct order and follow the arrow directions on the led tape (Red+ , Black- , Green Control)
  6. Place each wire over the pad and apply solder.
  7. Create a professional finish by fitting about 30mm of heat shrink tubing over the joint. This also helps add some strength and mechanical protection.

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Electricians derby February 4, 2014 at 20:06

Thanks for the information, i have been looking for a tutorial on LED strip/tape and how to join them properly. Cheers

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