Megger MFT1735 Review

by Editor on September 16, 2014

Product Review: Megger MFT1735 – The Ultimate Multi-Function Tester

Known for their state of the art, market leading testing equipment, Megger has been the name of choice for electricians for many years – in fact Megger was established in the late 1800’s and has been designing and making test instruments ever since.

The Megger brand is recognised worldwide, thanks to the constant product development and ground breaking innovations that meet the growing demands and pressures faced by the electrical industry, in particular issues surrounding earth electrode resistance measurements.   This is where the latest multi-function installation tester comes into play.  The Megger MFT1735.

The Megger MFT1735

Instantly recognisable as being part of the Megger family, in particular the MFT series, the MFT1735 comes with state of the art facilities including two pole, three pole, stakeless and ART earth electrode resistance measurements.

Naturally, all functions with Megger instruments enable electricians to test low voltage electrical installations in line with the latest 17th edition of the IET wiring regulations.  It provides all the tests required to complete the necessary electrical certification for domestic, commercial and industrial fixed wiring installations.

Combined with ultimate reliability and the ability to withstand accidental misuse and voltage transients that other testers on the market cannot match, the Megger MFT1735 is an ideal testing instrument for electricians at all stages of their career from trainee to full scope.

The MFT1735, like the other MFT models is renowned for it’s user friendly interface.  However this is not all it has to offer.  The MFT1735 is also packed with a host of other features designed to reduce maintenance costs and save time on completing tests.  Standard features such as:

* internal, fast recharging batteries,

* built in memory and bluetooth communications to speed up test results

* simple menu functions using colour coded rotary switches – never search around for hidden menu features again!

These are designed to make your working life as an electrician easier.  However the technical side is far from overlooked, with a whole host of additional features that round off the MFT1735 as being the best test instrument yet from Megger and these include:

* Two and three wire non-trip loop testing for RCD protected circuits

* Type B RCD and 3-phase RCD testing for industrial applications with no earth

* 3-terminal earth test and stakeless testing for spike resistance measurement

* EN61010 CATIV safety ratings and tough IP54 case

Megger not only ensures that you remain fully compliant but also ensures the MFT1735 is up for the job. Whether you are working in dusty or humid environments or even in a time pressed customers front room, you can rely on this test instrument to come up with the goods.


Megger doesn’t just stop at environmental hazards.  The MFT1735 is equally at home working at height on ladder platforms, hung round the neck or hand-held.  Whatever your working situation you can be sure that the MFT1735 can be operated easily with either your right or left hand with dual lock and test buttons located at each end of the instrument.

The robust moulded case that the MFT1735 is supplied with has plenty of additional storage pockets for essentials such as the earth electrode kit and any optional extras you may chose to purchase.

Megger accessories

The great thing about Megger is that everything you need to get started is included – there are no costly additional leads or calibrations to purchase, the MFT1735 is ready to go when you are!  Included in the price is:

* A mains test lead

* A switched probe for fast and easy testing

* A full 12 month calibration certificate

* A an upgradeable warranty

If you are looking for an ultimate piece of testing equipment that will be a huge compliment to your tool box then you should be looking no further than the MFT1735.  Not only is it a piece of equipment to rely on, it will also give many years of outstanding service.

If your current tester is becoming a bit of an embarrassment and is short on features and functionality, the MFT1735 is worth serious consideration.

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