Practical Guide to Inspection, Testing & Certification of Electrical Installations Review- Chris Kitcher

by Editor on February 17, 2016

Chris Kitcher’s 17th edition amendment 3 updated- Practical Guide to Inspection, Testing & Certification of Electrical Installations is an essential read for any electrician.

A companion website to this book includes video footage, multiple choice questions and further supporting material-

There are more useful videos on Chris Kitcher’s YouTube Channel

Here are a selection of the areas covered in Chris’s guide:

  • The history and reasons for testing and inspections
  • Test equipment- The types of testers required
  • Sequence of tests- Which order to carry out test and inspections for both initial verification and periodic EICRs
  • SADCOW- for visual inspections. Key points for your observations relevant to BS7671 and the Building Regs
  • Periodic Inspections- Recommended tests for EICRs
  • Volt drop in circuits- How to verify and tips & examples for calculating
  • Safe Isolation- Procedures and the best equipment to use
  • Bonding- How to test bonding conductors and the requirements
  • Supplementary Bonding- Where it is required and how to calculate max resistance allowable between conductive parts
  • Ring Mains- Testing and verifying ring circuits and about truth tables
  • Insulation Tests- How to test and reasons for getting low insulations readings.
  • Earth Electrodes- Methods of testing explained
  • Earthing Systems- types of systems and earth fault paths explained
  • Ze & Zs- Testing explained and how to verify values by using GN3, On Site Guide and the 35.25 method.
  • Certificates- Guidance on how to best fill out Minor Works, EICR & EIC forms
  • Protective Devices- What to look for and check that fuses and breakers are correct for their circuits.
  • Testing of Transformers, 3 phase induction motors and immersion heaters
  • IP Ratings- IPs explained and about prevention of electric shock
  • PV Systems- Methods for testing and commissioning
  • Exams- Test questions and answers. About the inspection and testing exams.

This is a very useful and comprehensive guide.

I’ve been installing and testing electrical installations for many years but I can still rely on Chris Kitcher to teach me something new. He covers everything you’d need to know in order to pass the relevant exams and also gives lots of informative background info which helps make this complicated subject much easier to understand.

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