Is your ECS Gold Card worthless?

by Editor on November 15, 2017

Is the ECS Gold card worthless?

Three things have happened recently that have made me consider credibility of the ECS Gold card for both electricians and clients.


JIB Registered Electrician ECS Gold Card.

  1. I’ve learned that a particular large building contractor in London is not accepting the ECS Gold card as proof of qualifications.
    Although they are shown on the ECS card, the contractor is insisting on seeing a copy of actual certificate. Is this just ignorance, or lack of confidence?
  2. I’ve was watching a Sparky Ninja Video about the ongoing mess and confusion regarding electrical regulation schemes. He raises some important points about the shortcomings of the ECS Gold Card.
  3. I was surprised to learn that only 54% of Gold Card holders are 17th Edition qualified. That means 46% are not!

Does this mean that there’s a growing lack of confidence in the electrician’s ECS Gold Card system?

JIB Action
The JIB, who run the Approved Electrician Gold Card scheme have taken action. They have now introduced a new ‘Registered Electrician’ status for those who not only hold NVQ3 but also up to date with BS7671 Regs standards.
This will help differentiate between up to date electricians and those who have fallen behind or lapsed. But how aware will employers, clients and agencies be of the difference?

Although not yet “worthless”, it seems that the prestige the Gold Card once gave to an electrician as something to aspire to, is devalued by the knowledge that 46% of holders are not up to 17th Edition Regs. The 17th isn’t new by any stretch of the imagination so why have so many sparkies lapsed?

The “Registered Electrician” status will go some way towards rewarding those that do have current Regs qualifications, but the “Upgrade” needs much publicity to ensure the construction industry knows what this means.

Upgrade Your Gold Card
You can register and download a virtual card (on smartphone) showing your upgrade toRegistered Electrician status at no cost.
If you are an existing cardholder, a replacement card showing your Registered Electrician status will be available for £12.

Upgrade your ECS Gold Card to JIB Registered Electrician status via your MyECS account-

Watch Sparky Ninja on YouTube
SparkyNinja raises some important points about the shortcomings of the ECS Gold Card.
Mainly the lack of ability for clients to check which areas of competence an electrician has.

My view is that, if you’re starting work in a part of the industry in which you have no experience, then you would not go in at the top. There would a learning process and a period of training whilst you worked alongside other experienced electricians.

An NVQ3 electrician with latest Regs should have the basic knowledge and safety awareness to be able to work in most areas of the electrical industry with additional training. Also, an employer would question potential employees on their experience and qualifications for the type of work they would undertake.

Watch – The new ‘ECS Registered Electrician’ status, state of Registration schemes and more…

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kevin February 14, 2018 at 12:23

fully qualified domestic electrician 5 years working as an improver in industrial commercial and domestics and cant get a jib gold card why? don’t know I cant even work in domestic with no gold jib card its a joke its like you just need to be labelled jib gold card don’t actually need to be a real electrician

Gavin Parsons December 21, 2017 at 09:52

After 31 years of commercial / industrial work I finally applied for my ECS card as I changed my employer and needed it to get onto sites. I submitted all the documentation and got an experienced worker despite having 17th edition, 236 pt1 and 2 2377, 2391, 2400, and IOSH managing safely.
I went to the first site and I was put under a Part p 17th edition qualified 6 week wonder who couldn’t cut tray properly.
I give up

John Collins November 16, 2017 at 17:35

It gets worse, carry out 3 NICEIC assessments and apply for your gold card.
You couldn’t make it up!!!!!

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