SparkSafe- Do We Need Another Scheme?

by Editor on March 3, 2018

Do We Need Yet Another Registration Scheme?
We already have JIB ECS cards, several Part P domestic registration bodies, the NIC EIC and ECA Certsure covering domestic and commercial works.

So will one more electrical licensing scheme just add to the confusion?


SparkSafe – A Different Take?

We know that electrical work covers a wide range of skills. But how would a client or employer find out positive proof of an electrician’s previous experience in a particular type of work or sector? Well, SparkSafe offers another take on registering electricians by linking their skills and work experience with specific contracts. They propose that this information will take the guesswork out of appointing the right electrician to the right job. Key Points:

  • Ties individual workers, by licence, to specific contracts.
  • No plastic card so not open to card fraud
  • Online licence access 24/7
  • Website connects the client, main contractor, electrical contractor and workers

What SparkSafe Say

We have designed a scheme that ties individual workers, by licence, to specific contracts. Our vision is to achieve positive transformational change of the industry by equipping responsible clients with an inclusive online gatekeeping system that exclusively favours contractors who only employ Licenced electrical workers. The SparkSafe register holds a unique Electrical Workforce Composition Report that details the name and licence type of each Electrical Worker. To search for a licenced Electrical Worker go to and input the persons First Name and Membership Number.

Industrywide Acceptance?

Despite best efforts from all concerned, we have been unable to achieve a consensus with the leading national bodies on the use or adoption of the system. Nevertheless, we have been encouraged by the interest of responsible clients and other stakeholders to continue with our efforts in making the benefits of the system available throughout the UK.

How To Apply for SparkSafe

Complete a registration form at Submit and Pay Online – £140 OR Submit and Pay by Direct Debit – £160 Note – SparkSafe is a not for profit charitable trust. We have no shareholders, and we do not pay dividends, bonuses or operate profit related pay schemes.

Join in!

We encourage you to play your part in overcoming the barriers and weaknesses that presently hinder the development and perception of the industry. Many of our problems are self-inflicted and have been brought about by past complacencies and lack of opportunity to be heard. So, why not join in the conversation.  We are open to hearing and learning from stakeholders who wish to rethink the future direction of the trade. For further information, please visit or email

ElectriciansBlog Asks

Is this new scheme a great new idea? A different way of preventing un-regulated and un skilled workers from entering various sectors of the electrical construction supply chain? Does SparkSafe offer anything that would attract electricians already registered on other schemes? Would you want to go through the process of submitting documents of qualifications and H&S to yet another scheme provider?

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derek April 30, 2018 at 15:35

The LtP scheme is designed to help clients view an electrical contractors workforce composition of by licence type on commercial and industrial contracts. It works!
Responsible client organisations get to see who is qualified and up to date and who is under-qualified, unqualified or self determined.
SparkSafe is a non profit making Charitable Trust. We have no shareholders.
Our aim is to improve quality and raise standards in the industry by helping clients discern in favour of main contractors who only employ electrical contractors who employ qualified and competent electrical workers. As a former electrician and someone who has a deep care for the declining state of industry, I wish to produce a disruptive action aimed at restoring the trailing position of our sector on the ladder of trades. Its not about the money. However money is a necessary inconvenience. To little and the scheme achieves nothing, to much and the accusation of profiteering are upheld. For me its not about the money. Its about reviving the industry.

Dermot mckee April 21, 2018 at 07:00

Couldn’t have put it better myself these schemes are just screwing money from already qualified sparks.

Tim March 18, 2018 at 16:52

Another rip off!! Might be good for clients but why dont the others do the same. Should do for what it costs me!!

Geoff March 18, 2018 at 16:44

Good to have choice. I’d go for the cheapest. Ha ha!

Lees March 18, 2018 at 15:54

Competition is good but not when it comes to regulating electricians. Too many schemes already touting for our business. L.

JamesT March 18, 2018 at 15:52

Yes, they’ve got a cheek giving us another license to practice and asking for more money to support them! What do sparks get out of it? James

Dave Allen March 18, 2018 at 15:46

One more example of pen pushers making money from workers!

Tony Hill March 18, 2018 at 07:34

What a croc of sh**
Let’s fleece the working man a bit more. Along with the £500 Part P registration, £250 liability, £450 van insurance, and any other insurance they can think of. Almost forgot the cost of calibrating test equipment!!!

SparkSafe – Licence to practice – No thanks I don’t need a licence from you I have a folder full of C&G certs that gives me the right to practice, not some third party paper shuffler getting paid a shed load of money for sitting at a desk taking down names and deciding who does what!!!

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