Fire Prevention

AICO Smoke and Heat Detectors recommended product review

28 February 2015

Every home or workspace should have a smoke detector fitted. I can definitely recommend Aico… The best fire detection system on the market? Check availability of AICO Mains Voltage Fire Detectors In the course of carrying out electrical inspections I’m still amazed at how many installations still don’t have any smoke alarms. Not even a […]

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New Reg 421.1.201- Metal Consumer Units

30 October 2014

This post highlights some of the main points and concerns regarding the 17th Edition  Amendment 3 reg 421.1.201 about the use of metal consumer units (non-combustible enclosures). Picture of fire damage caused by loose wiring connections. Fire Brigade Lobbying The London Fire Brigade consider consumer units in domestic installations to be a high fire risk as the […]

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CompEx Training Courses for Electricians Working in Hazardous Areas

31 October 2010

CompEx Training for Electricians to comply with ATEX and DSEAR Legislation Recent legislation (ATEX Directive & DSEAR) has made it mandatory for all personnel working in potentially hazardous or explosive areas to receive relevant training and to be deemed competent to do so. Electricians must be also suitably qualified to comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations […]

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How Fire Detection Devices Work

16 January 2010

How Fire Detection Devices Work   Ionisation Ionisation smoke detectors contain a small sealed ionising source which causes a small electrical current to flow through the air in the smoke chamber. Smoke particles entering the chamber reduce the current, this is sensed by the electronics and when a pre-set threshold level is reached the alarm […]

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Where to site fire detectors

15 January 2010

Ionisation Bedrooms and Living Rooms.  Attics and Cellars.   Optical or Photoelectric Hallways and Landings   Heat Kitchens and Garages Detectors should be sited on the ceiling, close enough to a potential source of fire so they can respond quickly. Smoke Alarms in all new and refurbished dwellings should, at least, meet the following requirements: […]

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Grades of Fire Alarm Systems

16 November 2009

Grades of Fire Alarm Systems   Part B of the Building Regulations relating to Fire Safety states that a building shall be designed and constructed so that there are appropriate provisions for the early warning of fire. All new dwellings should be provided with a fire detection and fire alarm system in accordance with the […]

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Building Regs Part B Fire Safety

15 November 2009

Building Regs  Part B         Fire Safety   Reference to: Building Regs Part B Smoke & heat detectors, wiring & positioning of,  OSG 7.5.2 Emergency Lighting         Also BS7671 Regulation 527 refers to: The Selection and Erection of Wiring Systems to Mimimize the Spread of Fire.     The provision of Fire detection […]

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Holes made in Walls and Ceilings

14 November 2009

  Holes made in Walls and Ceilings   Compromising Fire Barriers Walls and ceilings in buildings may be designed to provide fire resistance.  Penetrations in walls and ceilings made to accommodate mounting boxes or recessed lighting may compromise such a Fire Barrier.   Particular care needs to be taken when cutting holes in the same […]

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