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What’s the best elec cert software for electricians? Review of Pirform & Shine Forms

3 August 2015

Review of Pirform & Shine Forms Here’s my customer review of the Pirform cert software from Shine Forms.  I’ve been using the program for my electrical certification since 2011 when I came across it on an Elecsa regs course.  ECA, NICEIC, Elecsa and the other associations have now introduced their own online electrical certs but […]

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I need to reconfigure the layout of a dual RCD Consumer Unit

2 August 2014

Hi Steve I need to reconfigure the layout of a dual RCD with separate incomer and the supplied link cables are too short. Can I use other types of cable, and what size should they be? Hi Alf. Yes no problem using other types of cable as long as they are suitable for the maximum […]

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What makes a good electrician? by James Dewane

30 May 2013

The answer to the question seems obvious on the face of it but is it really? Some will say a good electrician can quote the regs book to you verbatim some will suggest a good electrician can instantly calculate cable ratings, volt drop, current usage etc, etc… While these things are interesting and demonstrate an […]

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Are Recessed Downlight Hoods a good idea?

28 May 2013

Q- Doing a test for a friend and they have 12v downlights in the bathroom without hoods. What should to expect to pay for these? I like the look of the cone more robust ones as they will be in a loft and the fabric ones could just be pushed down.   What are your […]

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SWA 4sq.mm electrical supply to new Garden Cabin

25 May 2013

An electrician’s question about a SWA 4sq.mm electrical supply to new Garden Cabin with RCD protection. Q- I’m a newbie and going to register with NICIEIC. Have taken a job to power up a cabin and submit as one of the two job’s required. An existing SWA (20ft) is partially buried and partially surface run […]

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Central Heating Boiler Constantly Running Problem

20 May 2013

Q- Hi, I’ve discovered the other day that an oil boiler was running even though heat and hot water turned off at programmer. I thought it was the timer and i replaced it but lady said problem remained. I have tested the 2 valves grey and orange wires and not closed, have tested cylinder stat […]

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What is The Electrical Safety Register?

19 May 2013

The Electrical Safety Register of electricians- Explained Launched in November 2012 by the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) and Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA), the Electrical Safety Register is designed to make it quick and easy for members of the public to find a qualified and competent electrician anywhere in the UK. Those in search of an […]

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AM2 Assessment Exam Info

30 October 2012

Q- What is the AM2 Exam? A- AM2 stands for ‘Achievement Measurement 2’. It used to be known as the Practical Performance Assessment (PPA). It is administered by the National Electrotechnical Training organization (NET). About the AM2 The AM2 electrical exam is to assess a candidate’s overall ability and knowledge as an electrician. It is […]

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